I'm like a ninja lumberjack but with a camera and a computer. I bring big-city skills and experience to small towns, startups, and fortune 500 businesses.

Web/CMS Development Specialist

Network Video Production and Editing

Print, Logos, and Branding

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    I consider myself a multimedia ninja – a master of many tools, all designed to help you achieve your goals. With over 15 years of experience in both the private and government sector, I’ve done it all.

    I pride myself in offering big-city technology, education, and experience coupled with small-town helpfulness and willingness to teach. When you do business with joeFREELANCE, you become part of our family and we want you to succeed just as much as you do.


    “joeFREELANCE has provided web design services, as well as dozens of motion graphics, sermon intro videos, and marketing materials for our church. Without him, our Sunday services would be much more bland.”

    Wendy Cordova
    The Orchard Church


    If it moves, flashes, has color, or sound, I do it. I enjoy working with my clients to push the limits on their designs while staying true to the brands that they’ve cultured and nurtured.

    Graphic Design

    Logos, Brochures, Brand Identity, Mailers, and more…

    I’ll be blunt here. I’m pretty good at graphic design. However, there are areas of design that I’m not an expert in. But I have friends and co-workers that are. That said, whatever you need from a graphic design standpoint, I can deliver on. You need package designs for a new widget? I can do that. You need a print-ready file for color wrapping a 2016 Audi for a trade show? Done. I can do X-Games style explosions and backflipping motorcycles, and I can also do childlike clouds and illustrations for comic books. joeFREELANCE does graphicDESIGN.

    Web Design

    eCommerce, eLearning, small/large businesses…

    Since my first web-design course in 1999, I’ve soaked up online design like a sponge. The variety of websites and web projects I’ve completed is amazing. From my first client, a discount casket outlet retailer, to Department of Defense military-themed DVD delivered training, to numerous bands, clothing lines, and mom-and-pop stores – I’ve done them all. I take pride in treating clients like family – I educate them, nurture them, and beam with pride in their successes. Let me help you succeed online.

    Church Media

    Sermon Graphics, Background Loops, Event Designs, and more…

    I’m a church guy. I love Jesus, and I love doing cool multimedia things for the Church. It started with simply improving an outdated website, and quickly moved on all things audio and video. The expectations of church attendees is changing when it comes to media elements. Let me improve your sermon openers, your series logos, produce your bible study and small group DVD series in order to further the message of Jesus.

    Video Production

    Commercials, Motion Graphics, Documentaries, and more…

    I’ve been shooting and editing videos since I was 14 years old, and I’ve had the blessing to work with some of the top dogs in the industry. I’ve shot for National Geographic (Africanized Killer Bees), I’ve worked the red carpet at the Emmys for Entertainment Tonight, I’ve worked for COPS, Oprah, and nearly every network and channel out there. So, if you need someone to hang out of the top of a tank blasting along the beach, or if you need someone to shoot the commercial for your home-grown soap company, I’ve learned from the best, and I would love to bring that expertise and experience to you.


    Over the last 25 years, joeFREELANCE has worked with hundreds of clients in many different industries, using many different methods.
    Here is a sampling of the projects that I have worked on.


    I can toot my own horn all day long, but what really matters is what my current and previous clients say about me. I’m honored to have worked with the people below.

    “joeFREELANCE transformed my business from a garage hobby, to a full-time job, thanks to the robust eCommerce website that he built. Without him, I’d still be working a 9-5 job.”

    John Jones
    ZL1 Addons

    “As a professional artist, I can see creativity, and joeFREELANCE is a creative artist. I work with oil and acrylic, he works with pixels and a mouse.”

    Perry Milou

    “We were just two dudes selling swag out of our apartment in San Francisco, but once we hooked up with joeFREELANCE, all of that changed. He understood our business model, and understood our audience. His website helped us to explode onto the music and clothing scene.”

    John Alves
    Dirtbag Clothing

    “Using his eLearning experience and skills, joeFREELANCE constructed an instructionally sound, and visually appealing online training course for us. The experience was great, and joeFREELANCE delivered.”

    Dr. Michael Walsh
    The Walsh Group

    “joeFREELANCE is our primary IT contact. He has built all of our websites, programmed custom F&I menus, and installed dozens of our DiVA security and compliance packages across the country. There hasn’t been a single thing that we have thrown at Joe that he hasn’t hit out of the ballpark.”

    Mike Lee
    Dealer Development Group / WebF&I

    “joeFREELANCE built a site that is easy to navigate, easy to update, and really portrays the professionalism, and fun that is Studio78 Salon.”

    Brianna Sherman
    Studio 78 Salon

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