A little about me and who I wanted to grow up to be...

I believe in the power of simple design. I love create amazing products for my clients

Oakland, CA – 1999

joeFREELANCE established and launches

This is me in a nutshell – video/film/web background in college. Moved to Oakland, CA and began a freelance video career. Shot for almost everyone in the Oakland/San Francisco area. Started getting into web design and development. Won awards for websites (Maxim’s top 100 sites, Homepage.com’s best of the web, etc.) Continued shooting and editing video.

Dirtbag Clothing for the win!

When a small start-up clothing company is recognized by Maxim Magazine as one of the top 100 websites of the year, that’s a good thing for the company, and an even better thing for the one guy who built and managed that site.

Philadelphia, PA – 2003

Expanding into the big city

From California, I moved across the country to settle in Philadelphia, PA while my lovely wife got her Masters at Penn. In Philly, I established joeFREELANCE as a company that was able to complete large projects for Fortune 500 automotive and insurance companies, and also knock it out of the park for local artists and businesses.

Leading the automotive F/I market.

Working with dozens of auto dealership owners, salespeople, and insurance executives, I was able to design custom software and hardware to increase compliance and customer satisfaction scores.

Atlanta, GA – 2004

Big-city skills come to the country

Southern livin’ here we come! Leaving the hustle of Philly to come to a small town outside Atlanta, GA may seem like an extreme move for a media company, but it was worth it! My skills were pushed to new levels, more advanced web-based projects fell into my lap, and I was finally able to offer clients that big-city skill and expertise at small-town rates. Life is good.

Church Media becomes a primary focus.

After attending several media-rich churches, I found myself almost as a multimedia evangelist at some of the smaller, less tech-savvy churches.